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Crafts have been in Canada long before the first Europeans ventured here.

Northumberland County can boast a variety of “survival” crafts such as spinning, weaving, wood carving, wood working, hand sewing, rug making, and pottery as well as recreational crafts (photography, sculpture, stained glass, quilting, garden sculpture, home décor crafts, etc.,), as well as native crafts.

There are very many events held throughout the County to demonstrate and display your skills, sell crafts and exchange ideas concerning your particular interest.

If you live in Northumberland and want to spread your knowledge, learn from your neighbours, or take lessons, it’s as easy as picking up a telephone. Join a group; be more active in your community. Or if you are interested in viewing the work of Northumberland craftspeople and artisans, the Crafts & Artisans Calendar indicates where and when displays are being held.

Take advantage of the Craft Groups listed here and check out the monthly meetings and events on the calendar.

Participate in online discussions of Northumberland Arts and Arts issues, and learn more about artists, performances, reviews, and general arts news at the Northumberland Arts blog.